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Garden State Trampoline and Tumbling managers, program, directors, and coaches: Natalia and Nastia Karpenkova

USA Gymnastics Member

Natalia was born and raised in a small town in Gomel, Belarus. Natalia first started as a gymnast at age 7 and at age 9 Natalia realized that gymnastics was not for her and tried out for the trampoline team. Natalia learned early on that she loved this sport; she was excelling and progressing very fast.

Natalia started competing at all the state, regional, and national competitions and placing first! Shortly after she started traveling the world and placing first for her home team! She went to many World Cups, European Cups, and World Championships. As she collected her gold medals, she was getting better and better. In 2000, she qualified to the Olympics in Sydney, Australia where she came home with a proud 5th place!!!! Shortly after she was invited to the United States where she started doing what she loves, coaching other children and making their dreams come true.

Natalia’s entire life was all about trampolines, but a big part of it was her daughter Nastia. Nastia took her first steps on the trampoline and was raised in the sport of gymnastics. As her mother traveled the world, Nastia was training everything that was offered to her at the gymnastics gym. She did acro, rhythmic gymnastics, regular gymnastics, and of course trampoline and tumbling.

Nastia went to many trampoline competitions for Belarus where she was able to claim her gold medals at states, regionals, and national competitions. In 2001, the Karpenkova family called the USA their home. When the Karpenkovas made their big move to the United States, Nastia continued her career in the sport of trampoline and tumbling. She reached the Elite level at the age of 15, when she realized that coaching children is what she loved the most. After coaching many recreational children, and one on one lessons, Nastia realized it was time to start her own team. In 2012, Nastia and Natalia joined together and started coaching their current athletes.

After 5 strong years, they now have 30 members, 8 elite gymnasts, Elite Developmental Program members, 10+ National Championships, 50+ regional Championships, and 100+ State Championships. Nastia and Natalia are looking forward to many years of continued success helping young athletes achieve their goals in the sport of gymnastics.

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